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Project of Thread of life 

-face to cancer through hair-

fabiene 髪の束.jpg

I have been working on artwork that I use fallen hair by anti-cancer drug since I have come to France in 2018. This is an art project thinking about living and preserving through hair and also has an aspect both an art and medical care. 


Hair is thread spun by people.People are always with their hair when they are not only in good time but in bad time. Hair is a thread of memory.Hair spins various memories. 

I have a complex about my hair from a child and also have a habit, which is pulling out my hair and then gathering it. I have strong interest in my hair, and my hair is a part of me at the same time. When I worked at TV station as a journalist, I interviewed women who fight against cancer.  Through the interview, I realized that fallen hair caused by anti-cancer drug tortures patients. Losing hair is great sorrow to people no matter how it is necessary to use anti-cancer drug. 

I think that both hair cut before treatment and fallen hair during treatment are a proof of determination to live for patients. Hair cut at beauty salon is totally different from hair lost by anti-cancer drug in some respects which are importance and determination. I do not use hair with anybody for my artwork. What I want to represent is feeling of patients. I want to use fallen as a symbol of life not a symbol of sorrow. One of my goals of artwork is to leave a proof of existence of patients. 

I hope to infuse new blood into fallen hair as artwork which represents will of living and memory. I want to revive lost hair as artwork which people are touched.






Thread  of life - Fabienne #2」2020 / 29.5×29.5cm


Thread  of life - Jean Christophe #1」

2020 / 9×12cm

【 The collaborators 】

DSC_0747 加工.jpg
DSC_0746 加工.jpg

Mr. Guy in France developed colon cancer in 2015 and then had surgery and anti-cancer therapy. He offered me his fallen hair by anti-cancer drug for my work.

This work is just like me. I may have kept my hair as a symbol of victory. I won a bet against my life. My hair is kind of trophy. When my hair started to fall out, I felt that I should not throw it away. My hair is a part of me, and it is a part of individual beauty. When people pass away, we have funeral ceremony and bury them in the ground with respect. I consider hair to be treated as well because it is a part of individual.


Mr. Guy and artwork at exhibition 「FUTURE MYTHOLOGY DIARIES」

 June 19, 2019 to July 13, 2019 garally-Cité internationale des arts in Paris

fabiene 髪の束.jpg

Fabienne born in France. 

She found out breast cancer in June,2019 and is recovering now.

I donʼt want to take away my fallen hair by anticancer drugs because it will be a sad memory. Itʼs pleasure that my hair can be a part of artwork. 


Jean-Christophe born in France. He found out colon cancer in March,2016 and is recovering now.

【  I am looking for collaborators who fight against cancer  】


I will give you one of  hair works I made. It would be preferable for both you and the work.


■ Request details

・ Providing hair which is fallen hair by anti-cancer drug, cut hair, and grown after treatment.

・ Interview

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